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USWNT make a positive impact on the game at home

By Melissa Turtinen

The success of a team always draws in supporters, no matter the sport. Call them bandwagon fans or fair-weather fans, but it doesn’t matter, teams need those fans and the fans need wins to keep them watching.

The success of the United States Women’s National Team is getting fans to enjoy the sport of soccer, but not just that, women’s sports. It’s about time.

Women’s sports haven’t got the attention that men’s sports have. Teams and players don’t make as much money as their male counterpart because their leagues lack the large fan base the established male leagues enjoy. But Sunday change that.

The U.S.’s win over Brazil showed people what female athletes are capable of. It showed that although women may not play the game the same way, they’re still tough, they play with heart and they can put on one heck of an entertaining match.

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