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Thierry Henry’s magic sinks the Chicago Fire

By Kevin Koczwara

There was never any doubt about Thierry Henry’s ability when he signed with the New York Red Bulls. There have been questions about his age, though. Henry seemed to be on the wrong side of 34 after he suffered an injury earlier this year while playing against the New England Revolution.

But the former Barcelona and Arsenal forward again proved he is worth the big money the Red Bulls offered to him. Today, in a midweek, mid-afternoon Major League Soccer game, Henry showed he still has magic in his boots.

Henry’s goal, the game winner in the Red Bulls 1-0 win over the Chicago Fire, showed the kind of touch and skill that Arsenal fans saw so many times during his legendary time at the club. Henry took the ball down with his chest, pushing it into space and ripping a shot across the goal and off the inside of the opposite post. Fire goalkeeper Sean Johnson never had a chance.

Watch a clip of the video courtesy of MLSsoccer.com below.

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Rapid Reaction: Henry goal helps New York Red Bulls beat the New England Revolution

By Kevin Koczwara

The New England Revolution were unable to take advantage of a depleted New York Red Bulls team today and loss, 1-0, at Red Bull Arena. New York capitalized in the 7th minute when Thierry Henry scored a magnificant chip from outside the area, beating a stretched Stephen McCarthy to the ball. The Red Bulls held on to the lead for the remainder of the game despite losing Henry to a hamstring injury in the 23rd minute and relentless pressure from the Revolution.

Some thoughts on the game…

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Thierry Henry and Robbie Keane on the Same Page with Winter Loans

By Ryan Fleming

Their moves back to the Premier League are more than to keep their fitness up. Their moves now pin supporters’ hopes on the backs of these once greats. Theirry Henry and Robbie Keane are in their own respects, two different players with more things in common than one would think.

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Thierry Henry Returns to Arsenal

It’s being reported just about everywhere, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and ESPN (AP Story), as well as every other other British newspaper and soccer website across the globe, that Thierry Henry will get one last hooray with Arsenal, at least for a few weeks.
The man with a statue in front of the Emirates will return to help the club deal with players leaving for the African Nations Cup. Henry has been training with Arsenal during Major League Soccer’s offseason. At the same time, The New Red Bulls get more publicity in return, kind of. This should be interesting.
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Phil Schoen Interview [Part 1]

One of America's most authorative voices on soccer, Phil Schoen was the original play-by-play voice of Major League Soccer. (Courtesy NASR)

 By Kevin Koczwara

Part of why I love the game of soccer, besides waking at sunrise to watch European matches, is the announcers. You can hear it in their voices, they love this game. They breathe and live this game. Even though they’re in the booth, at times it feels as though they are on the field, connecting with the game, breathing in the smell of the damp grass and living on every touch of the ball, every break. They aren’t fans of teams or clubs when they’re in the booth. They’re fans of the game. And the best announcers are believers in the game.

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A Letter to Hans Backe: Time is Running Out

By Ryan Fleming


The New York Red Bulls are in dire times. This statement could have been repeated countless times this season. Each time Hans Backe would have replied, ‘things will be alright and the team would get through it.’ Well, Mr. Backe, this is your last chance.

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Anelka and Ibrahimovic arrivals would boost MLS reputation

By Kevin Koczwara

Nicolas Anelka said he would like to play in the MLS once his contract expires at Chelsea in 2012. (Courtesy Jay Meydad)

By Kevin Koczwara

Nicolas Anelka and Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t be the youngest studs on the ranch when they decide to move the Major League Soccer. Anelka will be 33 in 2012, when his contract at Chelsea expires, and he expects there to be suitors in America to pick up his big salary desire and a more competitive league in the MLS by then. Ibrahimovic will be 33 as well when his contract expires with AC Milan – his sixth club –and he decides to plunge into the American soccer market.

With all the rumors swirling about layers like Ibrahimovic and Anelka moving to the MLS one has to wonder: is the MLS becoming a last stop on the professional soccer express? Yes. Is that a bad thing? No.

Americans want brand name everything — that’s not a secret — and as of right now, the MLS can’t afford brand name soccer players with its narrow budget. It just isn’t possible. So, we will have to live with the alternative: soccer stars in the dwindling pinnacle of their careers.

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Messi: Master of the Chip

Lionel Messi has scored 16 goals in 14 appearances for Barcelona in all competitions this year. He's also chipped in four assists. (Courtesy Nicholas Macgowan)

By Kevin Koczwara

Lionel Messi scores goals, that’s a given by now. He scores lots of goals, some more beautiful than others. But, have the fans and pundits become a little jaded? Is Messi really that good of a goal scorer and are all of his goals “beautiful”? Well, no, but many of them are.

Messi makes fans and pundits around the world sit and scratch their heads and say, “how did he do that?” on a regular basis. The Argentine does things that just don’t happen on the field and most players wouldn’t dare try some of the shots or moves he attempts while running at defenders. That’s what makes him stand out.

He is skilled enough and a good enough player to try and chip a goalkeeper on a regular basis. Not because it’s flashy to chip a goalkeeper. Nope. Just because he knows it’s the most effective way to score at that given moment in the game.

And Messi is probably the only player playing, right now, who dares to do some of the things he does. To top it off, he makes it look easy.

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Red Bulls and Rapids Need to Build Off of Last Week's Wins in MLS East Semi-Finals

New York Looks to End Wondo and Quakes Miracle Run

By Kevin Koczwara

The New York Red Bulls have made an amazing turnaround from last season’s poor form, abysmal really. And so have the San Jose Earthquakes, thanks in large part to the play of Golden Boot winner Chris Wondolowski.

Wondo’s 18 goals this season for the Quakes were more than half of the team’s total and led the league, the man was simply on a roll since breaking into the squad’s starting 11. But the striker was shut down in the first leg of the two leg fixture with New York.

Newcomer Joel Lindpere for the Red Bulls put his mark on the MLS Cup playoffs with the winning goal in the first leg in San Jose. Lindpere has been the sparkplug in the Red Bulls’ engine this season and his goal last weekend put New York in the driving seat for tonight’s fixture at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, N.J.

New York should be able to handle Wondo and company, especially if French striker Thierry Henry has finally recovered from his knee injury. The former Barcelona and Arsenal striker hasn’t played in three matches and could be the final missing attacking piece for New York in the playoffs and his presence along with Juan Pablo Angel should be able to push the Quakes on the counter-attack as San Jose tries to score the two goals the team needs to advance.

Rapids Try to Sweep Crew Away

The Colorado rapids set the stage for the MLS Cup playoffs last Thursday with Pablo Mastroeni’s game-winning goal. The Rapids took the first leg of their semi-inal playoff match with the Columbus Crew, 1-0, in Colorado and will look to keep their one-goal advantage in Columbus against a Crew team that has enjoyed success in front of its home crowd this season with a 10-3-2 record.

The Crew will have to overcome the one-goal deficit to beat a solid Rapids team that doesn’t travel well (4-6-5), but boasts Omar Cummings and Conor Casey in the attack. Cummings was a handful for the Rapids in Colorado last week, and will surely try to be as effective this Saturday. The Crew will have to find a way to keep Cummings away from the penalty area and slow his runs out wide that open up space for Casey and the Rapids’ midfield down. If the Crew can’t contain the Jamaican international, it will be another long night for Crew goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum who is filling in for injured William Hesmer.

If Colorado can lock up an early goal, the team will more than likely be moving on to play the winner of New York and San Jose in the quarter-inals because a two-goal deficit is a lot to overcome in one game when Matt Pickens is goal for the opponent. Pickens had a .733 save percentage in the regular season and worked in seven shutouts in 2010. He has been a steady goalkeeper in the MLS since getting the full-time job in 2007 for the Chicago Fire.

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New York Red Bulls Remarkable Turnaround

Rafa Marquez celebrates with New York's supports group. The former Barcelona midfielder has added another dimension to New York's midfieldsince signing as the team's third designated player. (Courtesy Alison Ciarleglio of APC Studio)

By Kevin Koczwara

Manager Hans Backe and the New York Red Bulls had a lot of work to do last winter after a dismal 2009 season that saw the team finish with Major League Soccer’s worst record (5-6-19). Last night all the hard work paid off as the team clinched its second regular season Eastern Conference Championship in club history – the first in 10 years.

“There was just room for improvement. We couldn’t do worse than last year. We just came in and worked hard, and we [qualified for the playoffs],” said Red Bulls midfielder Dane Richards after defeating the New England Revolution, 2-0, Thursday night. Richards scored the game-winning goal. “It’s not over yet with the playoffs. Hopefully we have three more games left, and we can go all the way with it.”

New York transformed from a struggling club in a hot bed of soccer to an ideal place to play in less than a season. Much of the transformation had little to do with the the big offseason and midseason moves that littered headlines.

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