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The Rise of Gonzalo Higuain

By Cameron Dickinson

There have been few players to stand out during the opening week or so of the World Cup. Indeed only one player has caught the world’s attention – Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain.

The Argentine has timed his rise to prominence to perfection, and, now, with the Albiceleste qualified for the Round of 16, he has reached the peak of his young career.

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Who Won't Win the World Cup Part 2: Group B

Courtesy Olhares Mágicos Picasaweb

By Ryan Thies of The Long Beach Post

As I told you last time, there is no clear-cut favorite in this year’s World Cup. This year’s field is more wide-open than any in recent memory. But it’s not just that there are no clear-favorites, it’s that every team in the tournament has a glaring weakness. Some commentators will say that means that whoever wins the Cup will be the team that kept their weakness in check; I say, these weaknesses mean that no one will win the Cup. Group B is probably one of the weakest groups of the whole tournament, but at least I can find all of them on a map (I’m still trying to find Uruguay–it’s an island, right?). So without further ado: here’s why no one in Group B can possibly win the World Cup.

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World Cup Draw Part 1: Groups A & B

Courtesy Wikicommons/ Audrey & Patrick Scales

By Kevin Koczwara

Let’s look at the first half of the Group Stages of the World Cup. The draw was Friday afternoon, and now that I have had some time to digest the pairings, I am going to make a few predictions. I will write a wrap-up of each group, two at a time, in this series. There will be four parts and all will be posted this week.

So let’s start it off with groups A and B.

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