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World soccer in need of a wake up call

By Kevin Koczwara

The world’s biggest sport is in danger of falling apart, collapsing on itself and losing its global grip because those trusted with the keys to the most luxuries and lucrative sport in the world have failed their fans, players, managers and the owners.

FIFA, the governing body of world soccer, is losing legitimacy one day at a time. News continues to seep out about bribery, voting buying, and in-house who-knows-whats. FIFA president Sepp Blatter won his fourth consecutive term as President of FIFA, but his time in charge keeps creeping closer to becoming a time FIFA would like to forget as more and more news comes out of Zurich.

Blatter’s time in time hasn’t been easy but he certainly hasn’t helped himself either. Blatter has pushed aside any and all opposition with barely any recognition. He’s shuttled men (because no women are apparently allowed to be inside the old men’s club of FIFA) out of their posts because they question him, because someday they may want his lucrative job, maybe. He has preferred to ban and not explain. And best of all, he has decided to present the world with mythical stories of a perfect world inside the FIFA compound when questioned about possible turmoil.

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Who Will Host The Wolrd Cup in 2018 and 2022

Sepp Blatter announced today the winning bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup host countries. (Courtesy PanARMENIAN Photos)

By Kevin Koczwara

Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup. The South American country won the right to hold the next World Cup in the last round of voting. Brazil will also host the next Summer Olympics in 2012. The Brazilians have some hefty partying to plan, good thing the country is well known for its partying skills already, which should make the transition a breeze — if we are to believe the crime problem many of the major cities pose is being fixed up properly.

This round of FIFA’s World Cup voting was to settle the destination for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Those years may be far off in most peoples’ minds, but the planning needs to begin now if the elected hosts of 2018 and 2022 want to be 100 percent ready for their time in the soccer spotlight.

Allegations of corruption in the FIFA voting committee swirled in the news this week, but the bidding war went on uninterrupted. The bidding nations splashed out the cash on advertising campaigns and presentations. Countries pithed their country as the perfect place to host a World Cup, and as the next best place for the game of soccer to grow and develop in the world.

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Mr. Blatter, Something Needs to Change

FIFA President Sepp Blatter announcing the 2014 World Cup host winner Brazil. Courtesy Ricardo Stuckert

By Joe Meloni

Being a soccer fan in the United States means learning to deal with a few things. We understand a portion of our friends, co-workers and anyone else likely to stumble upon our Facebook pages thinks soccer is boring, un-American game. It is, after all, predicated upon not screwing up more than it’s about trying to strike as frequently as possible.

Unfortunately, the World Cup provided more ammunition for my narrow-minded cohorts as overworked officials continually failed to make proper calls or keep matches — even Sunday’s final — in line. Naturally, the blame falls on their shoulders rather than the FIFA officials consistently placing too heavy a burden upon them.

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Cheating: An Epidemic

Cheating doesnt just happen on the playing field, it happens in everyday life as well. Tiger Woods may be the best golfer on the planet, but his cheating has lead him to be the black sheep of all cheating husbands and wives. (Courtesy WikiCommons/Keith Allison)

Cheating doesn't just happen on the playing field, it happens in everyday life as well. Tiger Woods may be the best golfer on the planet, but his cheating has lead him to be the black sheep of all cheating husbands and wives. (Courtesy WikiCommons/Keith Allison)

By Ryan Fleming

We have seen it in soccer and other sports. And we’ve seen spouses do it to each other, most recently Tiger Woods to his  wife, Swedish model, Elin Nordegren. Cheating unfortunately is almost a part of life, a part that a great majority of us would like to remove sooner rather than later. It’s also a part that many like to hide for fear of repercussion and humiliation. Why do it then?

Unfortunately,  the terrible deed is spreading like a contagious disease with no end in sight. The football world is now being effected and FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) is now conducting their investigation.

Match fixing has spanned through nine countries and has reared it’s ugly head in over 200 known Champions League and Europa League matches. Again, the question arises, why? As the investigation continues it’s teams in the lowly bottom divisions of countries like Croatia, Switzerland and Germany where football is a part of life and so much, perhaps too much, money can be made.

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