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Who Won't Win the World Cup Part 2: Group B

Courtesy Olhares Mágicos Picasaweb

By Ryan Thies of The Long Beach Post

As I told you last time, there is no clear-cut favorite in this year’s World Cup. This year’s field is more wide-open than any in recent memory. But it’s not just that there are no clear-favorites, it’s that every team in the tournament has a glaring weakness. Some commentators will say that means that whoever wins the Cup will be the team that kept their weakness in check; I say, these weaknesses mean that no one will win the Cup. Group B is probably one of the weakest groups of the whole tournament, but at least I can find all of them on a map (I’m still trying to find Uruguay–it’s an island, right?). So without further ado: here’s why no one in Group B can possibly win the World Cup.

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World Cup Draw Part 1: Groups A & B

Courtesy Wikicommons/ Audrey & Patrick Scales

By Kevin Koczwara

Let’s look at the first half of the Group Stages of the World Cup. The draw was Friday afternoon, and now that I have had some time to digest the pairings, I am going to make a few predictions. I will write a wrap-up of each group, two at a time, in this series. There will be four parts and all will be posted this week.

So let’s start it off with groups A and B.

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