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USWNT make a positive impact on the game at home

By Melissa Turtinen

The success of a team always draws in supporters, no matter the sport. Call them bandwagon fans or fair-weather fans, but it doesn’t matter, teams need those fans and the fans need wins to keep them watching.

The success of the United States Women’s National Team is getting fans to enjoy the sport of soccer, but not just that, women’s sports. It’s about time.

Women’s sports haven’t got the attention that men’s sports have. Teams and players don’t make as much money as their male counterpart because their leagues lack the large fan base the established male leagues enjoy. But Sunday change that.

The U.S.’s win over Brazil showed people what female athletes are capable of. It showed that although women may not play the game the same way, they’re still tough, they play with heart and they can put on one heck of an entertaining match.

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A Moment of Brilliance: U.S. Women make the world stand still

By Kevin Koczwara

Abby Wambach never gave up. Neither did her teammates, the rest of the United States Women’s National Team. It seemed like fate was teasing and tormenting the USWNT and handing its skilled opponent, Brazil, all the breaks. But that didn’t stop Wambach or her teammates. Even when things looked dire, when Rachel Buehler was sent off with a straight red card and the Brazilians got two cracks at the ensuing penalty kick, the Yanks never gave in to fate.

The American spirit that the U.S. prides itself on, never left the side, and coach Pia Sundhage — a Swede — got a three course meal of American spirit, and it overwhelmed her. It ultimately helped the U.S. prevail despite being down 2-1 in in extra time with the whistle pursed between the refs lips, ready to blow.

“Getting the red card and going down in extra time is tough. It’s a tough hill to climb,” said Wambach afterwards. “But this team is willing to put their hearts on the line. This team is willing to do whatever it takes to win, and I think it showed tonight.”

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Worth the wait: The amazing USWNT

The hero, Abby Wambach. Wambach saved the U.S. from elimination from the 2011 Women's World Cupwith an amazing goal in extra time. (Courtesy, kate rw Flickr)

By Ryan Fleming

Sitting in my living room in the same chair where I watched the United States Men’s National Team defeat Algeria in what I thought, at the time, was the best sporting event I’ve seen in my 24 years, my opinion has now changed.

Admittedly, I was late in watching the game, coming back from a weekend away. On my drive home I followed the game through the numerous sports outlets I follow on Twitter (God save Twitter). I got home with about 15 minutes left in the game and couldn’t remove my eyes from the TV.

Something about the passion of USWNT forward Abby Wambach yelling, encouraging her teammates forward. The knowledge already of the red card that really wasn’t — sending off Yank Rachel Buehler in the 65th minute on her invisible foul that saw her and five-time World Player of The Year, Marta, collapse inside the box. The save that wasn’t – all to be taken away for an encroachment penalty, that is certainly correct by the book, but often gets overlooked.

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