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Nominate The Soccer Guys For A Soccerlens Award

The Soccer Guys has been around for a little over a year now, and we’ve come a long way from covering the English Premier League and European soccer to what the site is today. Over the past year we have amped up the site with a few redesigns and more original content from around the globe. We started covering our local club, the New England Revolution, and the rest of Major League Soccer. Kevin and The Soccer Guys were selected by The Guardian in England to be part of its World Cup fan network and his twitter updates were featured on the British newspaper’s web site. We hope you have enjoyed reading our writing as much as we have enjoyed putting it out there.

We like to think we’re doing a pretty good job with the site and keeping you up to date on the world of soccer while keeping our columns fresh and interesting. If you think we do a stellar job writing about the beautiful game we would like to invite you to vote for The Soccer Guys as “The Best New Football Website” on this year’s Soccerlens Awards. (You can throw in a nomination for the best Football Journalist(s) and/or Blogger Kevin Koczwara and Ryan Fleming if you like, also.)

Here’s how to nominate the Soccer Guys:

Here’s how you can enter your nominations for the 2010 Soccerlens Awards:

1. Copy-paste the category list below in your email client.

2. Add your nominations for each categories (or just the ones you care about).

3. Send in your nominations to nominate@soccerlensawards.com.

The Categories:

* Best Football Website

* Best New Football Website – The Soccer Guys (www.thesoccerguysonline.com)

* Most Entertaining Football Website

* Best Football Gear Website

* Best Football Videos Website

* Best Club Fansite

* Best Football Podcast

* Best Football Blogger

* Best Football Journalist

* Best Niche Website

Send in your nominations to nominate@soccerlensawards.com

The Soccerlens awards started in 2007 by Ahmed Bilal, chief editor of Soccerlens.com to “recognise the efforts of independent football bloggers in creating valuable resources for football fans around the world.” The awards are an annual and are a way to show the world that independent media has an impact.

Check out more about the awards here.

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Serie A Preview – Juve to unseat Inter

Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero are hoping to overtake Inter Milan, the five-time defending champions of Italy (Photo Courtesy James Adams)

By Kevin Koczwara

Inter Milan dominated the world of top-flight soccer last season. The club won its domestic title in Italy, Coppa Italia and the one trophy the club’s fans and ownership had been dreaming of for 60 years, the Champions League. Inter was on top of the world, and when that happens in the world of soccer, people take notice and try to build off of your success.

Inter Milan needs to find a way to handle this season without manager Jose Mourinho – the “Special One” – who bolted for Real Madrid at just days after winning the Champions League title with Milan.

Inter’s league title didn’t come without tough competition. Roma made a valiant run for the title in the later months as they strung together win after win, but it was unable to knock down the reigning and eventual champions.
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Champions League Quarterfinals Draw In Perspective

By Kevin Koczwara

The next stage in Champions League play has been set today. Teams have been told who will face in the next round, and who their potential opponents could be.

This year’s quarter-finals and semi-finals have potential to be great match-ups. These next rounds could also become major coming out parties to the smaller clubs involved. With the likes of CSKA Moscow, Bordeaux and Lyon all making it further than expected.

So let’s break down each pairing and each route to the finals in Madrid.

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Messi In Class of His Own

By Kevin Koczwara

After watching yesterday’s Champions League game between Barcelona and VfB Stuttgart, I got to thinking about what Lionel Messi has meant to that game of soccer, Barcelona, and soccer fans.

Then I decided to jump over to ESPN’s Soccernet and see what the writer’s over there were saying about the boy-wonder. I read a column by Tom Adams, and the comments, and got to thinking about the argument Adams was making– Rooney is not as good as Messi, but he is a prolific goal scorer.

I cannot agree or disagree with Adams. I am stuck in the middle. Messi is a genius with the ball at his feet. He can dribble and imagine moves no other player has veer thought of or tried. He can create scoring chances from all over the field, for himself and his teammates. And he is only 22 years old (makes me wonder how my life has panned out at 22). The game comes so easily to him that it is frightful.

But is it fair to compare Rooney and Messi?

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Revolution Making Strides Despite Season's Rainy Forcast

Courtesy New England Revolution

Courtesy New England Revolution

The New England Revolution are making big moves in New England right now, despite a player strike on the horizon. Today, it was announced that the Revs have signed a season long agreement with media giant Comcast. The Revs will televise 27 of the 30 games on Comcast’s New England based channel, showing them in glorious high-definition for over 4 million viewers.

“We are very excited to partner with Comcast SportsNet to bring the Revolution in high definition to our fans across New England,” Revolution Chief Operating Officer Brian Bilello said. This move can hopefully bring the Revs to a regular television audience in high-definition, bringing in some new viewers and fans. This will also help establish the team as a staple in New England as the Summer roles in.

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Liverpool Slip (Again) and Madrid Moves Atop

By Kevin Koczwara

Liverpool lost to Wigan this week for the first time in the English Premier League era. It was a sad display from last year’s runner up.With Manchester City, Aston Villa and Tottenham all looking on, they must have been excited to see this uninspired squad.

Liverpool looked flat in their attack. They lacked the finishing touch and didn’t even register a shot on goal.Wigan was playing with 10 men behind the ball, but that didn’t stop Liverpool last year and it doesn’t stop the teams with Champions League aspirations.

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World Cup Preview pt. 4: Group F

By Kevin Koczwara

I know I have been away for a long time and I am sorry for that. I was busy, very busy, with a job I had in the month of December. But, I am back and ready to go. So let’s start this column off with predictions for Group F.

Group F is a tough group with 2 defensive and strong-minded teams, one virtual unknown and a squad that won their group in European qualifying to many people’s surprise. Continue reading

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Football in England Overhauled?

By Kevin Koczwara

ESPN is reporting that this Thursday Premier League Chairmen and owners will meet to discuss an overhaul or reshaping of the Premier League. This meeting is being called to help cement the Premier League and English football as the best in the world. Some of the topics include:

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Man City Continues to Roll; Torres's Da Best

Carlos Tevez put in two goals against West Ham today. He left Manchester United this Summer during the transfer window. (Courtesy flickr: Alfonso Jiménez)

Carlos Tevez put in two goals against West Ham today. He left Manchester United this Summer during the transfer window and has had an immediate impact on the pitch for Manchester City. (Courtesy flickr: Alfonso Jiménez)

By Kevin Koczwara

Manchester City just keeps rolling on. And their Premier League competition just keep getting flattened in the steam roller’s wake.

West Ham United was City’s newest victim, falling 3-1 today in an up-and-down  match that saw 35 shots taken (15 on net, 10 by City and 5 by West Ham), 35 fouls (18 on City and 17 by West Ham) and pretty even possession. But this was most certainly City’s match to lose, they have lost once in the Premier League (the Manchester derby to United), and have pummeled the other competition.

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Craig Bellamy Sets Standard

Bellamy played a season for Liverpool, and during his time there he was nicknamed "Nutter with the Putter" for an off field incident that involved a golf club. He decided to celebrate his next goal by pretending to swing a golf club. (Courtesy khanh_coltech)

Bellamy played a season for Liverpool, and during his time there he was nicknamed "Nutter with the Putter" for an off field incident that involved a golf club. He decided to celebrate his next goal by pretending to swing a golf club. (Courtesy khanh_coltech)

By Kevin Koczwara

Craig Bellamy is in the news again, and he is not getting the attention he deserves for his play, but rather his conduct.

If you haven’t heard already, let me catch you up. Bellamy slapped a Manchester United fan in the face after the fan ran on the field and was taken down by the proper authorities. Bellamy decided on his own the make a point with the fan. But was it such a bad thing? Is his action for once good taste rather than bad taste? Remember the rumble at the Palace was started by a thrown cup. And this year has not been the best for athlete and fan interaction.

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