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Most and Least Impressive Teams of Round 2

Courtesy sam_herd Flickr

By Kevin Koczwara, Ryan Fleming, and Joe Meloni

We have already looked at the teams that performed the best and the teams that played the worst in the first round of play of the World Cup. Now it is time for us to pick the teams that overachieved and the underachieved in the second round of play.

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Benfica Never Gave the Revs a Chance

Courtesy Revolutionsoccer.net

By Kevin Koczwara

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The New England Revolution barely had a chance to get warmed up before S.L. Benfica opened up the score sheet en route to a decisive 4-0 win for the Portuguese Champions. Benfica took control of the game from the first minute of play and never let the Revolution feel comfortable or get into a rhythm.

Benfica started the scoring in the 15th minute when Filipe Menezes took advantage of a Revolution turnover in their own end. He dribbled into the box, unmarked, and slotted his shot past Revs goalkeeper, Preston Burpo, into the bottom right corner of the net. Benfica’s off the ball movement opened a hole in the defense for Menezes, Revolution defenders were forced away from the ball by Benfica players making positive runs into and through the box, opening a slot for Menezes to slot into and shoot from.

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