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John Doyle Brings The World's Biggest Soccer Tournaments to Life in "The World Is a Ball"

John Doyle was born and raised in Ireland, but now lives in Canada where he writes for the Globe and Mail. "The World is a Ball" is his second book.

By Ryan Fleming

Many sportswriters often dream of covering “the big game.” Depending on what sport you’re talking about, whether it be hockey, baseball, or soccer, you often work your entire life toward that game.

Irishman John Doyle, a television critic, has covered four of those elusive but priceless sporting events. For Doyle,  the pinnacle of a sports writer’s life happens to be sent on assignment to cover two World Cups and two European Championships. Not bad for someone who writes about TV.

In Doyle’s book, “The World Is A Ball,” he writes about how life growing up in Ireland affected his vision and idea of soccer, how his family, particularly his father, frowned upon the “English game,” but at the same time how it eventually grew on him.

From Toronto, Ontario, where the author currently resides and works at The Globe and Mail, he sends the reader first to the 2002 World Cup and immediately displays his wit and humor.

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Few Things Before Toronto And Some Thanks

At the new BMO Field under the lights is where Colorado and Dallas will battle for the 2010 MLS Cup. (Photo Courtesy of owen_yeo)

By Ryan Fleming

A few thoughts before I head off to Toronto later tonight.

1. The game itself: It might not be the flashy, more glamorous teams of the MLS, but either way, I see these two teams matching up well against each other.
Kevin Hartman has the ability to be a game changer in goal for FC Dallas, but the midfield will be the key to the game, and with my playoff MVP, David Ferreira, commanding the midfield along with Dax McCarthy, I’m giving the upper hand to the Hoops.

Don’t be surprised if the Colorado Rapids can pull it out, though. If Omar Cummings played in a different league than the MLS, he would be getting more attention for his play. Colorado sure has a gifted player on their hands, and Dallas better be weary. The Jamaican international is a game changer.

2. My upcoming 12+ hour Greyhound ride: You might think I’m crazy, and even resort to names that would go against my better judgment. But believe me, I’ll endure the possibility of not sleeping, getting lost in Buffalo – where I’ll transfer at 3 a.m. – and the idea of missing my trip completely, rather than spend another $500 dollars I don’t have on a flight that frankly takes too long.

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