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Keane’s California dream

By Ryan Fleming

There’s been a lot said already in the days that have passed since Robbie Keane’s move to LA Galaxy became official. There have been words of malice spewed at him from every angle.

Claims that the Ireland international has taken the easy way out, that he simply plays for money and not the love of the game, and has come to America where we are a “universe where football is nothing,” is a choice that Keane made simply for his benefit.

I say, obviously.

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Arsenal and Tottenham share struggles in North London

By Ryan Fleming

Obviously it isn’t true. Each team wants to win each game, be the best in its division and play in Europe next season. It’s pretty simple. What’s also just as easy, is watching Tottenham and Arsenal and how they both seemingly don’t want to do well. Of course, both of the North London clubs have aspirations to succeed and it has shown earlier this year (ie: Totts’ run in the Champions League and Arsenal’s impressive Dec/Jan run).

As of late, though, acting like their in cahoots, both clubs are playing down to to their competition, refusing to be the bullies, and instead getting picked on themselves. Arsenal’s downfall is basically lack of experience and, at least in my eyes, a definite lack of motivation and emotion. In the Gunners’ case, at least their manager owed up to the club’s seemingly two-month downfall.

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Poor showing in Madrid leaves Champions League strategy in shambles for Spurs

By Michael King

Effectively, Tottenham’s Champions League hopes have ended; for both this year and next. The Spurs gambled on making a deep run in the competition would out-weigh failure to qualify for next year’s tournament via a Top 4 English Premier League finish.

And now they have little to show for it.

It’s perhaps unfair to argue this position with the ability of hindsight in light of Tuesday’s dreadful performance against Real Madrid. The 4-0 loss in Spain during the first quarterfinal leg puts the London team in an insurmountable hole. Overcoming a four-goal deficit on aggregate is beyond the capability of this team, especially given its most recent performances.

This was not the same Tottenham team that twice appeared the better side against Inter Milan in the CL group stages and defeated AC Milan last month in Italy.

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Champions League succes take center stage for Tottenham

Harry Redknapp has Tottenham challenging for its first European Cup since the Spur's won the 1984 UEFA Cup. Tottenham advanced in the Champions League after beating Serie A side AC Milan. (Courtesy Wikicommons)

By Ryan Fleming

If you’re an Arsenal fan you have to grimace, knowing all in well that the team you utterly despise more than all, Tottenham, has advanced farther than you in the Champions League. Not only do you have to be sadden, even frustrated, you have to be utterly embarrassed.

It might be a strong word to use, but for a team that wasn’t supposed to advance past the qualifying stages in the first place, to move to the next round while you sit at home has to be rather, well, embarrassing. Sure, you can point to the absolute fact that you had to face a harder opponent and one that is up for the “World’s Best Club Team Ever” award. But in Spurs’ perspective, you didn’t and they did.

Much of the plaudits have to be toward Peter Crouch (despite his silly play that certainly cost Spurs a goal on Wednesday). Crouch, like every team knows, when on the field is the focus of attention, yes, even more so than the spiky-haired Gareth Bale. The lanky, often seemingly unathetlic-looking forward, scored the lone Tottenham goal that saw them off to the next round. One goal you say? Where’s the credit for the Spurs defense? I was getting to that.

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The downfall of Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane will join West Ham on laon until the end of the season with an option for a permanent move. The Ireland international is trying to save his career. (Courtesy Oliver Mallich)

By Ryan Fleming

The downfall of Robbie Keane shouldn’t be a topic to write about, discuss or even mention in any pub, street or avenue. It never should have happened. Plain and simple. For such a talent to end up with almost zero playing time while being threatened to lose its place in the national team is disgraceful.

The story of Robbie Keane is one that has gone terribly wrong.

It is hard to exactly pinpoint the downfall of such a skilled and entertaining player and see where the wheels stopped turning. Currently, Keane is moving from one part of London to another for the rest of the season and maybe  more if he can help them stave off relegation. If Keane can’t save the Hammers, he will have to move back to Tottenham, a club he truly doesn’t belong to anymore.

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Tottenham not in need of Beckham

David Beckham said he would never play for any other English Premier League other than Manchester United when he left for Real Madrid. It looks like he may going back on that word as Tottenham's manager Harry Redknapp claims loan talks with Beckham are in advance stages and the former Red Devil could join Spurs sooner rather than later on loan. (Courtesy Ramsey Mohsen)

By Ryan Fleming

Just the other day the infamous David Beckham was linked to not AC Milan, the Serie A giant that Becks has spent a brief time the last couple years, but with English Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur.

Now, if you thought similar to how I did, then you would have found this as a complete surprise. Not as surprising or rather absurd as the recent link of Spurs midfielder Luka Modric to Chelsea, but alarming nonetheless.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has told the media that Becks will act as a sort of mentor for younger players, more specifically Aaron Lennon. I’ll go along with the idea that the former Manchester United midfielder could show the pacey, but often wasteful Lennon a thing or two, but for what Becks demands (at least £100,000 a week), is it really worth it?

For one thing, I cannot see the England international getting the playing time that would be truly beneficial to him and the club which he belongs, the LA Galaxy. Loan moves are often to develop a younger player attributes, or to give a player an opportunity for more playing time that he wouldn’t necessarily receive at the club to which loaned him. For Becks, the move to North London couldn’t be called beneficial, but more silly, perhaps more like a rainy holiday away from the sun and warmth of Los Angeles.

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Gareth Bale, A World Class Talent, Keeps Getting Better

Since Harry Redknapp's appointment as manager of Tottenham, he has used Bale on the left wing of the Spurs line up and the Welsh international wreacked havoc on defenses in his wake. (Courtesy Simon Kendrick)

By Ryan Fleming

Three years ago I was searching for a reason to get into soccer. I was searching for something not so obvious, a player or a team hidden to the large majority that I could learn and eventually follow them like they were my own.

For one reason or another I came across Gareth Bale.

The short, but speedy Welshman appealed to me, pulling me toward the way he plays like a magnet. When then-Tottenham manager, Juande Ramos, basically benched Bale for his short campaign in the ‘08/’09 season (yes, the one Spurs started off with no wins in the club’s opening eight league games). The North London club proved ineffective and most plainly stated, boring. The lack of playing time for Bale helped lead to Ramos’s demise.

Ramos got the ax and in came a new life for Bale, a chance not just for the EPL to see what he can do, but for the entire world.

Harry Redknapp took the Spurs post on Oct. 26, 2008 – a date that should be stapled in the back of Bale’s mind. Though his resurgence didn’t begin as soon as Redknapp took the helm of Tottenham, Bale fought his way into Spurs’ UEFA Cup campaign and manged to earn himself 17 other starts for the club.

The ‘09/’10 season was the ladder-that-put-Bale-over-the-wall-season. It didn’t start off as that, though.

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What The Soccer Guys Are Reading — Sept. 1, 2010

Real Madrid had a disappointing start to the season with a 0-0 draw with Real Mollarca over the weekend, but Mourinho is confident that with time he can make the team into Champions. Courtesy Paul Bence

Sky Sports — Jose – I’m not Harry Potter

New Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has had to answer plenty of critics this week after the team’s season opening 0-0 draw with Real Mallorca last weekend, and his answer is classic a from the “Special One.” Despite winning 17 trophies in the past 8 years with three teams, Los Blancos fans are still a little skeptical of Mourinho’s tactics after the opening draw. Madrid need to win almost every game this season because their closest rivals are the defending champions Barcelona, and Barca doesn’t drop many points in any league it is in.

BBC — Uefa bans vuvuzelas from European matches

Remember that buzzing sound that came from your television while watching the World Cup? Well it won’t be coming from it during any Uefa sanctioned games, including Euro 2012 qualifiers and the Champions League. Breathe a sigh of relief, I know we are. There was no bigger story from this past summer’s World Cup in South Africa than those horns that can cause hearing  loss and sound like a hornets nest.

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What The Soccer Guys Are Reading – August 25, 2010

Claudio Pizzaro (center) celebrates with teammates after he scored in the 105th minute against Sampdoria on Tuesday to send Werder Bremen through to the Group Stage of the UEFA Champions League. (Photo Courtesy Deutsche Welle)

Deutsche Well – Werder Bremen completes massive comeback to qualify for Champions League Group Stage

Werder Bremen completed massive come back against Sampdoria on Tuesday to earn a bid to the UEFA Champions League Group Stage. After defeating the Italian club 3-1 in the first leg last week, Bremen fell behind 3-0 on Tuesday, which put them behind 4-3 on aggregate. However, a strike in the 93rd minute from Markus Rosenberg tied the clubs 4-4 and sent the match to extra time. In the 105th minute, Claudio Pizzaro scored for Bremen to seal the its place the 32-team group stage.

The Guardian – Robinho refuses to play in Turkey

Brazilian Robinho has turned down contracts Turkish sides Fenerbahce and Besiktas after deciding life in the country was not for him. The forward spent most of the summer embroiled in a struggle to remain with Brazilian side Santos before Manchester City demanded he return from extended loan spell. However, City’s summer spending spree deemed him expendable. After refusing to sign in Turkey, Robinho claimed he prefers to sign with an Italian or Spanish side, as many of his countrymen have succeeded in both nations.
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Champions League Still Probable for Spurs

Tottenham midfielder Gareth Bale a pair against Stoke on Saturday, but many believe his performance on Wednesday against Young Boys will decide a lot in his young career. (Photo Courtesy TottenhamFan)

By Ryan Fleming

The English soccer world was up in arms one week ago over one of their most exciting, young clubs, Tottenham. But, for no good reason.

In its first European Cup appearance since 1962, the Spurs were upset, 3-2, by Swiss side Young Boys in the first leg of their Champions League Playoff. However, a pair of second half goals to shorten a three-goal deficit gave Spurs some confidence going into their second leg Wednesday at White Hart Lane.

The frenzy that the English tabloids have themselves caught in is utterly ridiculous.

Tottenham, thanks to the likes of striker Roman Pavlyuchenko, find themselves in a awkward, yet positive position despite coming back to England with a loss.
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