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Most and Least Impressive Teams of Round 2

Courtesy sam_herd Flickr

By Kevin Koczwara, Ryan Fleming, and Joe Meloni

We have already looked at the teams that performed the best and the teams that played the worst in the first round of play of the World Cup. Now it is time for us to pick the teams that overachieved and the underachieved in the second round of play.

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Liverpool Closing in on Jovanovic & Other News

By Kevin Koczwara

Liverpool have been trying to sign a suitable striker to pair along side and back-up Fernando Torres for a while now. The Robbie Keane experiment didn’t work out (but whose fault was that? Keane was not used correctly), and since then Liverpool have been on the market to make a smart, inexpensive signing for a quality striker. That isn’t an easy task, but Liverpool may have finally done it with the signing of Jovanovic, if it is as close as reported. Let’s look into that and a few other news stories other the world of Football.

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