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Cavani helps Napoli keep pace in a wild weekend in Serie A

By Jonathan Gold

Edinson Cavani is probably the actual father of your children. There, I said it. It’s out in the open. I know, it was kind of a shock, but the way your kid scored seven goals in his last three youth league games probably should have been a dead giveaway.

But of course, I’m exaggerating for effect. Edinson Cavani has only scored eight in his last six and is only leading Serie A’s scoring charts by two goals. Ho-hum. His brace against Roma last Sunday started with a comic penalty that managed to ping-pong off both posts (though it clearly crossed the line) and went from the ridiculous to the sublime when Cavani raided the gap between Cassetti and Rosi to stick home a cross from Paolo Cannavaro.

It was great cross from Cannavaro, no doubt, but it was topped by the one Juventus’ Frederic Sorenson, who swept imperially onto the head of Allesandro Matri, who, as they say, made no mistake. If you haven’t seen that one, find it immediately; just a beautiful, twisting scimitar of a cross.

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Manchester City Given A Gift After Shay's Injury

By Kevin Koczwara

Manchester City has requested an emergency transfer move following Shay Given’s season ending injury in the hopes they can reach a loan agreement with a club for a goalkeeper for the rest of the Premier League season. And why is the Premier League even listening to their proposition?

This is outrageous and other clubs should be up in arms. Premier League officials won’t listen to requests from a floundering Portsmouth, who can’t even fill their bench some weeks, but when the men with money come calling the league is all ears.

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