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Next Step for the Yanks: Ghana

Courtesy nwistheone Flickr

By Kevin Koczwara

Bob Bradley came out with the perfect game plan against Algeria to secure a victory for the United States Men’s National Team, earning the top spot in group C and a spot in the next round of the World Cup.

Bradley’s substitutions were spot on and his plan to attack The Desert Foxes from the first whistle was perfectly executed by his men on the field, well, almost perfectly.

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Who Won’t Win the World Cup Part 4: Group D

By Ryan Thies of the Long Beach Post

There are 32 teams in the World Cup. 31 of them won’t win it. Which means that each team has a 97% chance to NOT win the Cup. Therefore my assumption is that no one will win it. I think I’m on pretty strong mathematical footing for that assumption. But even if I’m wrong and someone will win it, that someone will certainly not come from Group D… (the D stands for “Draaaaaama”)

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