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Celtic F.C. and Politics Colide Again; Should Fans Have the Right to Protest

Dr. John Reid, chairman for Celtic F.C., has been adamant he does not support but condones the protests of the Remembrance Day poppies by some Celtic fans. The Chairman told the Glasgow Evening Times, "These actions have no place at Celtic Park.” (Courtesy Steve Punter/Wikicommons)

By Ryan Fleming

It has long been established that soccer is not merely a game. It is indeed much more. Beyond the ball, the formations and tactics, there is something infinitely important that plays out over 90 minutes on the field. To some people, countries, soccer is a way to express oneself, to show to everyone that even through a sport, they can succeed.

For a little over an hour and a half, a battle – not just a game is being played. To many people, a club can represent a lifestyle – a place where hope can be instilled, where religious beliefs lie and where political allegiances can be seen throughout stadiums.

This weekend through the UK and other commonwealth countries, is known as Remembrance Day; a day to reflect on veterans of all wars, particularly since World War I.

For many they are giving their thanks for their countrymen that fought against other countries for an array of reasons. If you have watched any matches as of late, you will notice that managers have worn a poppy on the outside of their clothing, a symbol of remembrance. For those in politically charged areas, it is acts like this that can cause controversy.

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