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Don Garber hangs out with a punk at USMNT game

By Kevin Koczwara

The U.S. Men’s National Team had no other option to beat Jamaica in front of a sold-out crowd in Columbus on Tuesday night. The USMNT blew its chance to lock up the top-spot in its CONCACAF World Cup group on Friday when it lost, 2-1, to Jamaica in Kingston on Friday, and put itself on the verge of not qualifying for the next round if the team didn’t pick up the pieces it left on the floor.

Good new: Jurgen Klinsmann’s men did it in front of a riled up and prideful crowd on the day we will always remember as that day tragedy struck, 9/11. Thanks to a Herculez Gomez goal, the USMNT took back the top-spot in the group with a 1-0 win over Jamaica.

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Time to get on board with Timbers and Whitecaps fans

The Portland Timbers' fans have already stamped their claim on the battle for the Northwest. Already, the club has sold 10,000 season tickets. (Courtesy Portland Timbers/Michael Stringfield)

By Ryan Fleming

Two new teams are coming into the MLS this year, the Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps. That we know. What we don’t know is how successful Canada Part Deux will be. Toronto FC, the league’s first Canadian team, has an enormous following, something I experienced first hand when I went down for the MLS Final. They have supporter bars and clubs that emphasize how much our neighbors to the North really appreciate their team. The rest of the country should take notice.

The MLS decided to give it another go by giving the Whitecaps a gateway into the MLS.

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Garber's Goal for MLS Cup Playoff Expansion

Major League Soccer announced plans to expand the MLS Cup playoffs to ten teams. Currently, the playoffs are made up of eight teams that qualify from tw regions, the East and the West.

By Michael King

As Major League Soccer enjoys the exposure surrounding the Colorado’s victory in Sunday’s MLS Cup, questions remain regarding the future of the league’s playoff structure.

Commissioner Don Garber announced during halftime of the final that the league would increase the number of playoff spots to 10, a two-team expansion over the current system.

However, he’s yet to announce plans for the league’s playoff format. With the league adding two teams next season (the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps), and the possibility of more expansion in the coming years, Garber believes it’s the appropriate time to reevaluate the league’s playoff structure.

“We are basically telling our fans that we have a goal and a vision to be one of the top soccer leagues in the world,” Garber said during halftime of the Cup Final on ESPN. “As we are thinking about our playoff format, our competition calendar, it makes sense for us to start really digging into whether or not this makes sense. We have been thinking about it for the last year, and it certainly is a message we want to say to the international soccer community: We are going to get closer to the way the rest of the world plays.”

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Beckham Experiment Injected Life in Major League Soccer and American Soccer Fans

David Beckham signed with Major League Soccer team the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. His time in the MLS has been plagued by injuries, but his impact has been positive. (Courtesy Hamedog/wikicommons)

By Ryan Fleming

Much has been discussed about England’s old wonderboy, David Beckham’s time here. When the flamboyant and ever-glamorous attacking midfielder first came to the United States, his arrival was surrounded with much fanfare, anticipation and absolute hope that the former sensation could use his media following to provide a boost for Major League Soccer in its attempt to move into the light.

Beckham’s reign in the U.S., which started in 2007, has been plagued by injury and, for the most part, disappointment. In Sports Illustrated writer, Grant Wahl’s book, The Beckham Experiment, the author tries to analyze if Beckham’s time in the States can be considered a success. I’m here to tell you, it was.

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Donovan Saga Illustrates Issues in U.S. Soccer

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has made sure Landon Donovan has not been allowed to move to one of Europe's top leagues because of Donovan's importance to MLS and its success. Courtesy Jose Argueta - MLS Soccer

By Joe Meloni

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber made it clear this week that Los Angeles Galaxy captain Landon Donovan will play for the MLS side this season. Given the current popularity of Donovan and the Beautiful Game in the United States, Garber’s refusal is the right decision for the league and the game.

When European clubs came calling about Donovan in the past, Garber’s outright refusal to let the league’s talisman walk, bordered on selfish. His latest decision, while still selfish, just isn’t as important as the first few. Donovan’s performance in the World Cup was inspired, and, paired with successful loan spell with Premiership side Everton this year, silenced most of his primary critics around the world. Still, at 28, Donovan is quickly approaching his final few years of relevance. And by the time the next World Cup rolls around, he’ll likely be a shadow of his current self.

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