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Last Gasp of Hope for Henry and Other Stars

Courtesy David Clerihew NewYorkRedBulls.com

By Ryan Fleming

When David Beckham arrived in Los Angeles as a part of the Galaxy, there was, to say the least, a good amount of fanfare. Thierry Henry has been unveiled as a member of the New York Red Bulls, and the media fanfare has not be quite as impressive, but nonetheless, Henry will be welcomed with open arms.

For Red Bull fans, it comes at a great time. The Knicks just lost out on LeBron James, and the fans are looking for any reason to cheer right now.

The 32-year-old Henry makes his move to the Red Bulls after a disappointing season 2009-10 season where struggled with Barcelona and played sparingly during France’s ill-fated run at the FIFA World Cup.

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World Cup Preview Pt. 6: Group H

By Kevin Koczwara

This will be the final entry into what was suppose to be a four part series on the group stage of the World Cup, but it has turned into a drawn out 6 part series. After this post I will write up a quick post with all of my predictions for winners of the group stages and let anyone disagree with me.

For this final entry I will talk about Group H — the last group. This may be the easiest group to predict. Continue reading

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