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The National is as impatient as me with Clint Dempsey’s possible transfer

By Kevin Koczwara

Can we all agree that Clint Dempsey, Fulham and whoever else is involved in transfer rumors end this long, over done, holy crap it should have happened already saga? There have been reports that he could go to Liverpool, and probably will, before the summer is over. But things aren’t progressing on any front outside of transfer price tags being tossed out there. More speculation was recently created because Dempsey decided to stay home with his dog and family instead of going with the rest of the team to preseason training in Switzerland.

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Arsenal: van Persie Signature required, Vermaelen returns

Robin van Persie has been the glowing light this season for Arsenal fans, and they hope he will continue to score goals at Emirates for years to come. (Courtesy

 By Ryan Fleming

Few are more important to their team than Robin van Persie is for Arsenal. The Dutch striker is leading the surge for an Arsenal team that started the year off 2-1-4, capped by an 8-2 thrashing at the hands of Manchester United and a 2-1 loss at cross-town rival, Tottenham.

Since then, the Gunners are undefeated, trouncing opponents and playing with a certain sense of flair, grit and outlying passion the team lacked for the first handful of games this season. The turn-around has the team at 7-1-4, good for seventh in the league table, and tied on points (19) with Liverpool. And Van Persie is getting much of the acclaim for the difference in play that has supporters and plaudits praising manager Arsene Wenger as a common hero rather than a goat.

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Emile Heskey: The Powerhouse

This is beautiful. This is funny. This is spot on with the misses going over the bar. Enjoy.

Emile Heskey Courtesy SASportsGaming Check out there other work.

Spotted by Soccer By Ives.


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Liverpool: What a Difference a Year Makes

By Tim Treacy

The turnaround at Liverpool Football Club over the past year has been remarkable. A comparison between last year and this year is like night and day, oil and water, chalk and cheese, a journey from Hicks and Gillett to Henry and Warner.

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