Faithful readers,

I will be taking a bit of a break from The Soccer Guys for the next few weeks to write about the Euros for Bleacher Report. As you can tell already, content has been sparse in the past few weeks because I’ve been put up against the wall with work and getting myself well versed in every team fighting to be crowned champions of Europe.

That does not mean this site is dead. Far from it. I will be writing here as soon as I can. I will have some New England Revolution and Major League Soccer stories coming soon. I have one I have been working on since February when I had a beer with someone American soccer fans and ESPN watchers know all to well.

For now, check out what I’m doing on Bleacher Report for the Euros. As soon as that great tournament, which might be better than the World Cup, is over I will return to this full-time with vengeance.

For now, can Jurgen Klinsmann please find the answer to a cohesive midfield three and a solid center back pairing?

That is all.

See you on the flip side,

Kevin Koczwara

Content Update: Writing about Euro 2012


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