Our Favorite Video: Steve Nicol interviewed by Matt Reis

By Kevin Koczwara

With Steve Nicol’s tenure as the manager of the New England Revolution coming to a close today, we figured it would be nice to share a great video from the 2007 MLS Cup where Revolution goalkeeper Matt Reis interviews Nicol prior to the game.

The best part of the video is where Nicol drools at the thought of beer. When asked what beer he’d drink if he had 99 choices on the wall, Nicol responds that he’d work his way all the way through the 99 bottles on the wall because really Nicol doesn’t care what type of beer he drinks. He just cares he’s drinking beer.

On another note: why don’t teams do this more often? This is a wonderful little video with good banter and Nicol isn’t his stern self on camera. Nicol doesn’t beat around questions when answering them in press conferences and has a great wit about him, but fans don’t get to see that often. Instead they see him barking out orders or with a scowl on his face while on the sidelines managing. I guess it also helps to have someone like Matt Reis asking these questions.


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