New England Revolution in sad state of affairs

Marko Perovic was the New England Revolution's one attacking bright spot last season. He was let go by the team after it chose not to renew his contract at the midpoint of the season. His season ending injury and subsiquent release have clouded an already dismal season for New England. (Courtesy the New England Revolution)

By Ryan Fleming

Folks, you are witnessing the lowest of the low when it comes to the New England Revolution. Monday night’s 3-3 tie to Real Salt Lake simply highlighted what the small crowds at Gillette turn up to see. Some say the players are half-hearted, yielding up to tackles, not finishing runs or just plain giving up. Whatever the reason is, the Revs (3-8-7, 16 pts. and last in the Eastern Conference) aren’t getting it done on the field.

A week after the “Fortgate” incident at Gillette, supporters will surely be up in arms again, but instead this time complaining that the product being tested, and often defeated on the field, just simply isn’t good enough. Even acquisition of Benny Feilhaber isn’t enough. Luck isn’t enough — last night’s early straight red card to Nate Borchers, a 2-0 lead and apparently going ahead two times to a team playing with 10 men wasn’t enough.

The Revs gave silly balls away, turning over possession to a RSL side that is nearly impossible to beat at home and not to mention the team got an extra lift as it was retiring manager Jason Kreis’s No. 9 jersey after the game. To be up a man, the Revs surely didn’t play like it, owning only 33 percent of possession, and continuously looking as awkward as a teenager on their first date.

It’s beyond the fact that the team just simply isn’t on the same page. We’re at the point now where things are internally wrong and a measly league-low 16 goals scored isn’t acceptable.

Recently signed forward Rajko Lekic is proving that he really isn’t the answer to the offensive woes surrounding New England. It’s true that the Dane has three goals in 13 appearances for the Revs, and completely teased Revolution supporters with his impressive opening-game goal, but his inconsistency is nearly as frustrating. There were times in Monday’s match where Lekic was seen running up to the ref (albeit controversial) to yell and challenge a call, but was seen later walking around or giving up on plays.

What is equally as head-scratching is the release of Marko Perovic, last season’s team MVP. The Serb was the only creative midfielder the Revs boasted last year and at the start of this season before Feilhaber fell to the Revs in the lottery. Scoring a team-high seven goals and adding four assists, didn’t make him valuable enough enough for the team to hold on to. Along with Perovic, fellow countryman, Ilja Stolica was also released before the contract guarantee date on July 1. Perovic, it should be noted was recovering from season-ending surgery on his left knee. Injury aside, the move was silly and showed the midfielder little respect and he isn’t happy about it either.

With all this said, something needs to be done. Whether the Revs need a new coach on the sidelines, or a change upstairs in the front office, something is needed. It’s clear. There’s a kink somewhere. With an embarrassingly low attendance — second lowest average home attendance in the league with just over 12,000 per game — and supporters already at a feeble amount, New England is in need of their own revolution and it is long overdue.

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