Tottenham not in need of Beckham

David Beckham said he would never play for any other English Premier League other than Manchester United when he left for Real Madrid. It looks like he may going back on that word as Tottenham's manager Harry Redknapp claims loan talks with Beckham are in advance stages and the former Red Devil could join Spurs sooner rather than later on loan. (Courtesy Ramsey Mohsen)

By Ryan Fleming

Just the other day the infamous David Beckham was linked to not AC Milan, the Serie A giant that Becks has spent a brief time the last couple years, but with English Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur.

Now, if you thought similar to how I did, then you would have found this as a complete surprise. Not as surprising or rather absurd as the recent link of Spurs midfielder Luka Modric to Chelsea, but alarming nonetheless.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has told the media that Becks will act as a sort of mentor for younger players, more specifically Aaron Lennon. I’ll go along with the idea that the former Manchester United midfielder could show the pacey, but often wasteful Lennon a thing or two, but for what Becks demands (at least £100,000 a week), is it really worth it?

For one thing, I cannot see the England international getting the playing time that would be truly beneficial to him and the club which he belongs, the LA Galaxy. Loan moves are often to develop a younger player attributes, or to give a player an opportunity for more playing time that he wouldn’t necessarily receive at the club to which loaned him. For Becks, the move to North London couldn’t be called beneficial, but more silly, perhaps more like a rainy holiday away from the sun and warmth of Los Angeles.

Redknapp isn’t using a guise in an attempt to bedevil the former star over to North London, but being rather forthcoming to his credit. His intentions are clear, but for such an expensive player to travel to North London, till only March, the question has to be raised, how much of an impact could Becks really have?

“I’m not say [sic] he’s going to come in and take (Aaron) Lennon’s place but he would be a good option,” Redknapp said to “I am sure Aaron would love to work with him, on his crossing and everything, and on his final ball. He’d be a good influence around the place.”

Beckham would surely be a good influence and a character around the locker room – something Spurs lack. But when Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy urged Redknapp to spend during this January window, I’m not sure Beckham, on loan nevertheless, is what he had in mind. As for Beckham and the Galaxy, if this move goes through, it confuses rather than solidifies both the club’s and the player’s real intentions coming into the new MLS season that begins in March.

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