Ljundberg signing exemplifies Celtic's recent struggles

Freddie Ljundberg could find his way out of the MLS after two forgettable seasons with a move to Scottish Premier League team Celtic. (Courtesy John Goodwin)

By Ryan Fleming

For the last two years things around Parkhead, in Glasgow, Scotland, have been a period to forget for the Celtic faithful – save for the loan spell of Robbie Keane.

An utterly dismal time during the reign of Tony Mowbray, capitalized by a boatload of useless signings that his successor, Neil Lennon, shipped out were of the lowest points.

Lennon followed up by picking up some “talent” whose purpose was to ascertain the team’s place in the Champions League or Europa League. Well, guess not. Celtic crashed, fumbled, or however you want to describe it, out of all European play.

Now with less than a week before the opening of the January transfer window, and Celtic are on the path again for more pointless signings. Signs, at least to the fans stand points are all pointing down.

Freddie Ljundberg is at this moment in Glasgow checking out the area, the stadium, Lennon himself and other intangibles. The former Arsenal and Sweden international is eying a place that is far away from the U.S.’s MLS, while the rumors of his, certainly timely demise circle there.

The club’s interest in Ljundberg exemplifies a few things. First being that the club isn’t interested in spending a huge some of money … on anyone. What is more worrying about the Swede’s possible signing in Glasgow is that Lennon that the board are going to find themselves under fire if they don’t do something, or see better results soon. After Celtic’s 2-0 win over St. Johnstone in injury time and the heartfelt celebration that underwent on the field, the players proved that they’re minds are where they have to be.

It is still unseen if Lennon is ready to manage the team he once played for. His offseason signings have been, much like the word that surrounds the team, mediocre – certainly disappointing.

If Ljundberg and Lennon were to find each other appealing, Celtic supporters can only hope that the Swede plays better than his he has in America, stops his whining, and becomes the leader that Thierry Henry and other teammates had so much success under earlier this decade in London.

Not as disturbing is the interest the Hoops have in Toronto FC midfielder Dwayne De Rosario. Apparently, Lennon and the board like older, the-best-is-behind-them players who are beyond their prime and will come cheap. For a team that needs to spend its money wisely, when it does spend, both Ljundberg and De Rosario will bring utter frustration and impure thoughts about those running their club.

With the direction that things are heading – no signs of passing Rangers, struggling over what should be trivial opposition – Celtic supporters want things done and for what seems like eternity, done right.

Ryan Fleming can be reached at Ryan.Fleming@thesoccerguysonline.com.

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One thought on “Ljundberg signing exemplifies Celtic's recent struggles

  1. Chris Wimmer says:

    good to see a player going from MLS to another top league even if Freddie was a non factor for most of his time. It shows he still has value.

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