Carlos Tevez Wants Out of Manchester City; Sam Allardyce Wants In, Somewhere

Carlos Tevez handed in his tranfer request this weekend to Manchester City. Maybe it's time for a new billboard then. (Courtesy Johnny Vulkan)

By Kevin Koczwara

Okay Carlos Tevez, I believe you want to be closer to your family, your daughters and your home. I can understand how angry you are that you have to play alongside Mario Balotelli and his ugly haircut. I understand Roberto Mancini isn’t Sir Alex and Manchester City may have all the money in the world, but its a club without a plan, and you are a man with a plan.

I got all that. In fact, I side with you. Who would want to live in Manchester when your best buds are having a great time scoring for fun, making millions, and playing in the Champions League with Barcelona.

But, Carlos I have to say, at £230,000 a week with bonuses, I would stick out another year or two at City and maybe go home and buy Argentina for myself. Maybe Tevez could build a small island of his own to live on with his family with that kind of money. I know I am being shallow here, but come on.

Tevez hit the jackpot with City, and he should have known it would have been one big bust up going in and taken the money from somewhere else if the ride was going to be this bumpy.

Tevez now knows, written promises and clauses are always better than a business man’s shake.

And Mancini better hope he can keep his talisman around for a bit longer, whether he is captain or not, because without the Argentine, City lacks a real workman striker. Can the club really rely on the likes of Jo and Balotelli (if he ever stays on the field for longer than half an hour) to carry the workload? I think not.

‘Big Sam’ not on Real Madrid radar, but Inter Milan could have a vacancy soon

Manager roulette continues in the Premier League. First it was Chris Hughton of Newcastle. Now, it’s Sam Allardyce of Blackburn Rovers who gets the sack.

No surprise there. The man who once claimed he is more suited to manager the likes of Real Madrid and Inter Milan may get his chance with one of those two clubs, if the owner gets drunk one night and takes a practical joke too far.

Rafa Benitez’s welcome at treble winning Inter Milan could be coming to a close sooner rather than later if he can’t lift last season’s Serie A and Champions league winners out of the middle of the table and into the title race, but, that probably won’t happen. Looking at Rafa’s time with Liverpool, you can see a high mid-table finish will be the norm with the Spaniard in charge, except for that one lucky second place finish. That can change quickly though, if Rafa gets control over the transfer funds. Then Inter Milan fans can expect to see one great move, a-la Fernando Torres, and a torrent of huge mistakes where Rafa gets swindled into mortgaging the San Siro without permission to sign someone like Glen Johnson.

As for Blackburn, its owners want a top five finish. They must be living in an alternate reality because with the squad Allardyce had, they should hope for a 10th or 11th place finish at best and a few lucky wins along the way. Yeah, this weekend’s loss to a 10-man Bolton squad was disgraceful, but then again, Blackburn doesn’t have someone like Owen Coyle in charge. Well, for now it doesn’t.

The owners also want British manager. Liverpool may be willing to hand over its British manager, Roy Hodgson. Hiring local hasn’t exactly helped the Merseyside club, and Blackburn’s new owners want to be a top side, so why not copy the bad decisions made by one of the top teams in the league a few seasons ago?

Things don’t look bright for Rovers fans despite the long-awaited sacking of Big Sam because teams with truckloads of money and faulty plans don’t live up to expectations. If anyone doubts this, give Carlos Tevez a call, he will confirm.

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