Landon Donovan Talks About U.S.A.'s Bid for 2022 Olympics

Videos Courtesy The USA Bid Committee

Now that you are actually in Zurich going through the process of preparing for the Bid presentation, what are your thoughts on the process?

As a player, your job is to focus on your performance and the team’s performance. What has it been like get a glimpse behind the scenes of how these big events are organized?

You’ve done lots of media spots in this buildup, but this presentation is a bit different and more like being on stage. Discuss.

Do you have any of the same feelings preparing for your presentation as preparing to play a match?

You won’t be playing at the 2022 World Cup, but what’s the message about the opportunity to play in a World Cup for guys who are teenagers right now playing in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy that will come of age as professionals in 12 years?

Is it even possible to gauge the impact that hosting the World Cup in 2022 would have on soccer in America?

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