What The Soccer guys Are Reading — Sept. 14, 2010

Ajax midfielder Evander Sno suffered a a heart attck during Ajax's reserve match on Tuesday night. Courtesy CrazyPhunk

Telegraph — German Bundesliga academies provide valuable lessons for Premier League — by Jeremy Wilson

Champions League soccer kicks off today, and a few of England’s top teams will be facing German opponents in the group stage of the tournament, and they will see just how good the Bundesliga youth academies are. Germany’s national team finished third at this year’s World Cup thanks to their up-and-coming talent that has percolated through the German leagues youth ranks. Clubs have been forced to pump money into their academies since 2000 and the results have been positive for both the league and the national team. With teams able to spend less on big-name transfers and focus their money on their academies the clubs have been making yearly profits while developing the next wave great German players. Maybe some other leagues around the world should take notice.

NJ.com — Giase: Sky Blue president Hofstetter hopes to see Women’s Professional Soccer grow healthier, despite departures —  by Frank Giase/The Star-Ledger

The Women’s Professional Soccer League (WPS) has almost finished two seasons — only the playoffs remain– and over the course of those seasons a lot has changed, but the league keeps cutting its losses and making progress. 2009 regular season champions the Los Angeles Sol folded after last season, but the league went on and is even trying to expand with a team maybe in Dallas or a rebirth of the Sol. As this season comes to a close the league is trying to stick together and weather the tough financial times at hand and resolve some of the issues that players have expressed.

ESPN Soccernet– Van der Dussen: Ajax staff saved Sno’s life

Professional soccer has seen its fair heart attacks and collapsing players over the years because if heart defects or other dangerous conditions. Dutch club Ajax witnessed a scary heart related moment on Tuesday night when midfielder Evander Sno fell to the ground and began foaming at the mouth. The 23 year old had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital after receiving 10 minutes of treatment from the Ajax medical staff. Sno played only 18 minutes of the second half after being subbed on at half before collapsing.

The Guardian — Glazer family’s Tampa Bay austerity bodes ill for Manchester United — by David Conn

Manchester United fans haven’t been the happiest family since the Glazer family took over the club in 2006. Mired in debt that looks insurmountable, fans have been pointing the finger at the Glazer family for what looks to be a lack of investment in the last few years. Season ticket holders have dwindled, and a certain superstar by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo left the club for a record fee, but many fans of the Red Devils believe the money hasn’t been reinvested and that it is only time before the Glazers suck the life out of the club. Well, those fans may find the fact that the Glazer’s have slowed down their funding of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a bad sign. If the American owners refuse to found a team that shares revenue with larger market teams in the NFL than what will the owners do with their Premier League club piled in debt and in charge of its own revenue?

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