What The Soccer Guys Are Reading — Sept. 8, 2010

Theo Walcott becomes the latest Gunner toadd himself to the injury list. Arsene Wenger is surely tired of international breaks during the Premier League season. Courtesy khanh_coltech

The Telegraph — Parents of prostitute linked to Wayne Rooney apologise to Coleen

It’s not the apology that Wayne Rooney’s wife, Colleen is waiting for, but it’s a start. In the last week the rumors of Rooney’s affairs have pooped up all over the Internet and in ink across England, but the England striker has yet to acknowledge them and his wife has been left reeling. The high-school sweethearts have been the darlings of the English press because they were different than the rest of the soccer players and the WAGS, guess somethings never change. How does it compare to some of his England teammates affairs?

New York Times — FIFA Begins Tour of Sites in U.S. Bid — by Jeff Z. Klein

Americans bought more tickets to the World Cup this year than any other country, and the single largest television contract for this year’s World Cup in South Africa was in the United States. Impressive stats from a country not known for its love of the beautiful game. With those stats the U.S. hopes to win a bid to host either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup in the states. The U.S. has the infrastructure to hold the games, but does the country show the desire that say England, the Netherlands or Australia and Japan have? The officials in charge are trying their best to show FIFA the U.S. has soccer fever and deserves one of the two bids.

BBC — George Peat blasts fans for booing national anthem

Scotland Football Association chief executive George Peat had to apologize to FIFA and Lithuanian officials after Scotland’s 2-1 win over Lithuania in last night’s Euro 2012 qualifier because some of the Scottish crowd booed the Lithuanian national anthem. Scotland finds itself atop Group I after the victory but some of the countries image has been tarnished by the crowd’s reaction to Lithuania’s anthem, which is to the same beat as “God Save The Queen.” “It must not be forgotten that all nations must abide by Fifa’s Fair Play policy and last night’s behavior does nothing to help Scotland’s image,” said Peat.

The Guardian — Theo Walcott back at Arsenal for assessment on knee injury

Just as it looks like Arsène Wenger and Arsenal are finally clicking in the league, injuries and international friendlies come about to make a mess of things. Robin van Persie has been ruled out until mid-October with an injury (who didn’t see that coming?) and now Wenger will have to do without Theo Walcott for some time. The England international has been in the best form of his short career thus far this season and now will see it cut short as he will be sidelined after suffering an injury while on duty with England for a Euro 2012 qualifier in Switzerland. Although England won the game, Wenger will again lash out at the way national teams do business and how he won’t be compensated for Walcott’s injury — do you blame him?

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