Last Gasp of Hope for Henry and Other Stars

Courtesy David Clerihew

By Ryan Fleming

When David Beckham arrived in Los Angeles as a part of the Galaxy, there was, to say the least, a good amount of fanfare. Thierry Henry has been unveiled as a member of the New York Red Bulls, and the media fanfare has not be quite as impressive, but nonetheless, Henry will be welcomed with open arms.

For Red Bull fans, it comes at a great time. The Knicks just lost out on LeBron James, and the fans are looking for any reason to cheer right now.

The 32-year-old Henry makes his move to the Red Bulls after a disappointing season 2009-10 season where struggled with Barcelona and played sparingly during France’s ill-fated run at the FIFA World Cup.

To some of those playing overseas, the MLS has become a natural place for those who once flourished to either try and capture that lost magic, or make some extra cash. It’s tough to tell if such a prejudice is a positive thing. An argument for the good would be that players are recognizing the MLS as a legitimate, competitive league. The money that these players are attracting and, will attract, is of course, another positive.

On the other side of the argument, you could say that the MLS doesn’t want to be a “graveyard” and would rather be a new, up in coming league that will one day compete with the bigger leagues in the world.

As of now, though, the argument is certainly leaning to the former.

Success takes time and it doesn’t happen overnight. In regards to the MLS, additions of players like Henry and Seattle’s Freddie Ljungberg and Blaise Nkufo are examples that have only helped the league.

Ryan Fleming is an editor and writer for The Soccer Guys. He can be reached at

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One thought on “Last Gasp of Hope for Henry and Other Stars

  1. Jbinho86 says:

    i think this artice (linked) brings up some good points that coincide with henry coming to the mls :
    itd be nice to see some younger talent move over (even if on loan) but the league really isnt there yet. having some of europe’s golden boys come over at the end of their careers may pave the way for a youth movement. on the flip side is signing old timers really worth it for american soccer? yes henry will draw a crowd, like beckham, but should the mls focus on developing homegrown players so we can compete at the national level. yes, players like henry and becks can give youngsters tips, but theyre also taking awat from playing time. the henry signing just brings more things to ponder…

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