Win a Pair of Concave Cleats

The Soccer Guys and Concave cleats will be giving away one free pair of Concave’s latest cleat the PT Classic. We will be giving one pair of cleats away to one lucky reader after the World Cup Finals.

Rules and Regulations:

Each person may only fill out one application. There is no changing your submission after you have sent it. Once you send it, that’s it. If you forget part of the application then you may be disqualified from the giveaway. No submissions will be accepted after July 1, 2010 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (U.S.A).

No information that you provided us will be used in any way for advertising or in any other manner than for this giveaway.

How it Works:

First you must fill out the information below. The person that gets the World Cup finals winner correct will win a brand new pair of PT classics. If more than one person gets the winner correct then there are a series of tie-breakers that will bring us to our final winner. After the deadline ends we will keep you updated on the status of the giveaway.


Name (first and last):



Phone (optional):

World Cup Winner:


World Cup Runner-Up:

Score of Finals:

Golden Boot Winner (most goals scored in the tournament):

Send all the information above to Kevin Koczwara at A confirmation e-mail will be sent after your submission is received.

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2 thoughts on “Win a Pair of Concave Cleats

  1. Umass2013 says:

    how does a website w/o any readers have a contest like this?

  2. Umass2013 says:

    how does a website w/o any readers have a contest like this?

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