The Pub Life

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By Ryan Fleming

There was a time when people gathered in pubs, bars, locales – whatever you want to call them – to watch sports you couldn’t normally view in the U.S. under standard cable packages. Sadly, that day is dangerously close to its end.

In the brief time that I have ventured to a pub to watch my favorite team play overseas (nowhere within an hour plays my team), I’ve heard countless stories of how the morning and even evening pub crowds have dwindled to almost nothing. Nowadays you can wake up, flip open your computer, go to a streaming site and if you’re lucky, watch your team play on a mediocre resolution that probably skips and is in a different language.

Yes, I’ve done that off and on for three years now. Ridiculous, yes?

Well, in an effort to save money, many people are doing the same thing. Talking to a bar owner today, who will remain nameless, he told me his woes on the countless times he has tried to hold a specific match that has cost him hundreds of dollars, only to break even or eat the money he spent. This is, of course, including a cover charge of anywhere between $10-$20 dollars.

I can understand how simple, relaxing and fiscally responsible it is not to go to a pub to watch a game, but don’t knock it until you try. There’s something about forcing yourself to get up, have a drink at 9 a.m., and cheer amongst others who are in attendance with you.

It doesn’t take a whole lot. You could only do it now and again. Get up, go out, spend 10 dollars, enjoy the atmosphere. New friends are waiting.

Ryan Fleming is an editor and writer for The Soccer Guys. He can be reached at

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