Burpo, New England Injury Update

Not that it came as any surprise, but New England goalkeeper, Preston Burpo, will miss the rest of the season while recovering from successful reduction surgery. Burpo sustained distal tibia and fibula fractures during Saturday’s win over New York.

Not all the news from the Revs’ injury report was negative, though. Matt Reis, the longtime Revolution (3-6-2, 11 pts.) keeper, has been taken off the IR and was practicing today. Reis was put on the IR back on April 30 so he could continue to recover from surgery on his left shoulder that repaired his labrum and rotator cuff.

The Revs travel to Seattle this weekend, where they take on the struggling Sounders

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reis will not be active in Saturday’s match.

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One thought on “Burpo, New England Injury Update

  1. […] to a 50-50 ball outside of the box and Burpo’s leg dangled in the air, bent in half in a way no leg ever should. Players for both teams were visibly upset, as were some of us in the press box. Shuttleworth had […]

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