Champions League Live Blog Experience

By Kevin Koczwara

Today The Soccer Guys are going to do something unprecedented. I am not going to write a column, a news wrap, or anything of the sort. I am going to Live Blog the Liverpool vs Debrecen game and (this is a bold and) update the scores of other games that are being played. Lots of computer screen watching, television watching and the likes today for a few hours. But it will be done.

So check back in around 2:20 p.m. (est) for all the news and happenings before the game. Should be a doozy of a day.

2:30 p.m. Fox Soccer Channel has an interview with Lucas…don’t know why. But it is good filler.

2:35 Line-ups announced:

Liverpool Debrecen

25 Pepe Reina (G)                   (G) Vukasin Poleksic 1

37 Martin Skrtel (CD-L)       (CD-L) N Meszaros 17

23 Jamie Carragher (CD-R)       (CD-R) Adam Komlósi 16

22 Emiliano Insua (LB)          (LB) Marcell Fodor 21

2 Glen Johnson (RB)                (RB) Laszlo Bodnar 10

21 Lucas (CM-L)                      (CM-L) Zoltán Kiss 30

8 Steven Gerrard (CM-R)    (CM-R) Luis Ramos 6

11 Alberto Riera (LM)            (LM) Péter Szakály 55

15 Yossi Benayoun (RM)                 (RM) Peter Czvitkovics 77

9 Fernando Torres (CF-L)            (ST) Adamo Coulibaly 39

18 Dirk Kuyt (CF-R)        (RCF) Leandro 4

2:40 Cesc Fabergas is starting in the Arsenal game. Big news for Arsenal Fans, but no Arsharvin yet.

2:45 Notably no Mascherano on the Liverpool side. His fitness for this weekend’s game is now in question.

Game Under way. Here on out play will be determined by minutes passed in game.

1 min. Lucas loses the ball already.

2 min First movement forward by either team, long ball just misses from Gerrard.

4 min Torres misses on the first shot of the game.

6 min Foul on Ramos. Free kick for Liverpool in right corner leads to missed opportunity in penalty area for the Reds.

Arsenal Update: 2 goals for Standard Liege in the first 10 minutes.

10 min A slow start for both sides at Anfield.

12 min Great cross from Kuyt, Benyoun called offside.

13 min Kuyt takes a shot from just outside the box misses wide left.

15 min Glan Johnson called for a foul trying to keep the ball in play in the Debrecen box.

16 min Trouble for Liverpool, another foul this time on Skrtel. Quick turnover by Debrecen.

17 min Torres tries to flick on a Glen Johnson cross but misses soft and wide right.

19 min Great chance for Reira but he misses wide right.

20 min Liverpool corner turns into a counter for Debrecen.

21 min YELLOW CARd FOR FODOR of Debrecen on a poor tackle in the midfield.

22min Gerrard strikes a deep shot wide left. Very wide. Not much on it either for the captain.

23 min First corner for Debrecen after shot deflects off of Carragher.

23 min Bodner shoots wide after poor clearance from Liverpool defense.

24 min Corner for Liverpool. Bodner kicked it out. Nothing coming from the corner.

26 min YELLOW CARD FOR STEVEN GERRARD for not waiting for the Refs whistle.

27 min Good challenge by Gerrard on a volley. Saved.

28 min Good ball movement from Liverpool brings corner. Nothing having.

30 min Corner for Debrecen.Nothing of it.

30 min Great save by Reina on a Peter Czvitkovics shot. Nothing coming from any corners in this game.

Game Update Rangers vs VFb Stuttgart. Stuttgart score in the 18 min Pavel Pogrebnyak scores.

33 min Poor challenge by Lucas leads to good free kick chance by Bodner. Easily saved by Reina.

34 min Reira shot misses just wide right. taken from his left foot the Spaniard didn’t get much on it anyways.

36 min Offside on Coulibaly after a poor clearance from Reina. Benetiz needs to reorganize Liverpool, they are struggling.

38 min Two great chances from Liverpool. Reiera’s gets saved, Kuyt grabs the rebound only to be denied by a Debrecen defended who tracked back and sat in the shooting lane.

39 min Another great run by Reiera and shot. Avoided one horrid tackle and made a great attempt from just outside the 18 yard box.

40 min Gerrard just misses on a header from a Benyoun corner.

42 min Lucas worked hard and the mess that was the last Liverpool attack ended in a shot over net by Steven Gerrard.

44 min amazing play up the left from Reira and Insua. Reira’s cross dummied by Kuyt and missed wide by Gerrard. Should have been an easy goal for Liverpool.

45 min Injury time GOAL by Dirk Kuyt! After a great play by Torres, his shot was saved and Dirk Kuyt does what he does best and picks up the garbage and puts one in the back of the net.

HALF TIME. Liverpool 1 v Debrecen 0

Arsenal 2 v St. Liege 2

Stuttgart 1 v Rangers 0

Second half Starts!

49 min Great chance from the right side as Johnson found Torres int he box. Nothing coming in the end. Torres seems to be limping.

51 min Sloppy second half so far. Long shot by Debrecen. Liverpool comes back quickly, Gerrard goes down in the box. No call.

52 min Debrecen have control of the game right now.

55 min Liverpool have grabbed the game now. Gerrard just took a strong volley shot that missed just voer the corssbar. Glen Johnson is dominating on the right side.

58 min A sloppy second half from both sides, no progress either way.

60 min Weak shot from Steven Gerrard just outside the 18. Saved. Liverpool have gained control and are working in the Debrecen half.

65 min Reira is dominating the attack on the left side. He looks to be in good form. Debrecen’s counter just isn’t fluid enough and organized to make Liverpool to pay.

66 min Benyoun uses his dribbling skill to make a shot chance for himself. Saved. Injury to Debrecen player.

67 min Debrecen sub Ramos off for Z something or other.

69 min Another chance from Torres headed just over the net.

76 min the game has lost a lot of its pace. Liverpool look like they are bringing on Ryan Babel to up the tempo of the game.

78 min Debrecen had a great chance for Coudibally. Reina makes a great play on the ball. Corner for Debrecen. Take the short root and Bodner misses on a deflection. Another corner.

79 min Long corner, and a sub for Debrecen. No idea what happened, just got the notice. Now Babel come on for Reina.

83 min Benyoun could have closed the game, missed high, Great job from the sub Babel and Torres did well to be unselfish and Kuyt missed his chance, Benyoun followed the Kuyt wiff with a wide shot.

87 min Martin Skrtel foul leads to a free kick, Debrecen goes for goal, easy save for Reina. Mascherano looks to come on for Benyoun.

89 min Ryan Babel takes a beautiful chance on net.

Arsenal Update! They Have takent he lead 3-2! Three goals in the Second half. Bendtener, Vermaelen and Eduardo.

92 min Fabio Auerilio comes in for Dirk Kuyt with only a minute left. Rafa getting his Brazilian left back some time to get his boots under him so he can be ready for regular playing time. Babel looks great on the pitch tonight. He is creating a lot of chances.

Game is over after this corner in the 93 minute. Wait.  The Ref has waited and play has continued on. A corner for Debecen. Nothing comes of it. Final 1-0 Liverpool.

That’s all for me. I have soccer practice in a few. Need to work on set piece marking (will not follow the Liverpool scheme).

Kevin Koczwara is the editor and creator of The Soccer Guys as well as a contributing writer. He can be reached at Check out his pop-culture and general blog Feel Da Beat.

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